Artistic Expressions: S. Zita Burke (1930 – 2008)

The poem is written by Sister of Charity Zita Burke. An educator for nearly 55 years, S. Zita found sketching, creating greeting cards and writing poetry as ways to relax. 

S. Zita Burke was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1930 to a family of six children; she attended Loyola Elementary and Cathedral High, graduating in 1948. Throughout S. Zita was taught by the Sisters of Charity and it was in school that she “first witnessed the Sisters’ joyful and dedicated service.” She was extremely happy being a teacher, giving 55 years to the profession, mainly in her home state of Colorado. She ministered at St. Patrick, Pueblo; St. Pius X,  Aurora; and Pauline Memorial School, Colorado Springs. For 20 years she directed and served in the Seton Learning Center in Aurora, Colorado. Throughout her life S. Zita found  sketching, creating greeting cards and especially writing poetry as ways to relax. Her poems were often about nature, relationships and opportunities to ‘quiet her tongue and use her pencil instead.’ S. Zita died in 2008 in Denver, Colorado.