Institutions in Trinidad

St. Joseph Academy and a public school were opened by three Sisters of Charity in Trinidad, Colorado, March 4, 1870. The schools flourished until 1892 when the Sisters withdrew from the public school when they were told they could not wear their habits and teach there. S. Blandina Segale responded with this observation: “So this is the end of twenty-two years’ work in Public School Number One, opened in 1870 when Trinidad was mostly governed by the best shotmen and sheriff’s lead, mobs to hang murderers, and jail birds never to come to trial, and the life of a man was considered a trifle compared to the possession of a horse. … We supplied the school building, janitor, and made repairs, and daily from the one story adobe building went forth cleaned hearts ... quelled to calmness by her whose sole thought was peace – the path to Heaven. …”

The Sisters responded to the loss of the public school by opening Holy Trinity Parish School, and by early in the 20th century high school classes were added. St. Joseph Academy closed in 1922, but Holy Trinity Elementary and High School continued. Sisters of Charity continued to teach in both the elementary and high schools until 2008 – 137 Years!