St. William School

St. William School opened in September 1911 with a faculty of four Sisters of Charity who welcomed 130 students. The property on which the little frame church and newly erected school building stood was donated by S. Carita Kemble’s grandfather who owned a large farm in the area. For the first 14 years the Sisters who taught at St. William commuted from Cedar Grove (Mount St. Vincent Academy), graduating from walking, to a horse and buggy, and finally to a Ford automobile. As the neighborhood was transformed from farms to substantial brick residences the school grew on pace, adding classrooms and teachers as the needs demanded. In 1931 a magnificent new Romanesque church was completed as was a beautiful new convent. From the 1930s through the 1950s additional classrooms were added on a regular basis as the school enrollment continued to grow at a fast rate. In addition to classroom teaching, the Sisters taught religion classes for public school students and for the mentally handicapped. By the 1970s Sisters also began work in parish ministry and outreach to the elderly and incapacitated. Sisters of Charity continued to minister in the school until 2013 along with Sisters of Charity Associates in Mission – a total of 102 Years!