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Feature Articles

Sister To All
The SC Communications Office has launched “A Sister to All” in 2017! Using profiles of featured Sisters, the campaign honors the lives and ministries of our SCs. Click on an image below to learn about a Sister and ministry.

S. Juana Mendez, SC

S. Carol Wirtz, SC

S. Teresa Laengle, SC

S. Nancy Crafton, SC

S. Victoria Anyanwu, SC

S. Tricia Cruise, SC

S.Delia Sizler, SC

S. Jackie Kowaslki, SC

S. Patricia Wittberg, SC

S. Marie Pauline Skalski, SC

S. Pat Dittmeier, SC

S. Annette Muckerheide, SC

Artistic Expressions:

Catholic Schools:
Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.

January 28 marks the start of Catholic Schools Week – an annual celebration of Catholic schools in the United States. This year’s theme, “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.,” offers us the opportunity to celebrate the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to Church, local communities and the nation. Throughout the week, we will be offering reflections from Sisters, students, friends of the SC Community to honor the week’s daily themes.

New Togetherness

After many years of different ministries, Sister-sisters Julia Mary and Joan Deiters are once again living in the same house just in time to celebrate their jubilees with the Sisters of Charity Community. READ MORE

For the Girls of the World

Golden Jubilarian S. Anita Parks began a service project for the Lingap Children’s Center in the Philippines six years ago through her parish in Okemos, Michigan. READ MORE

Sharing the Gift of Music

Having played the piano since she was 7 years old, S. Terry Thorman has enjoyed a lifetime of music. More recently, she has composed hundreds of her own works, including a composition she presented at the National Pastoral Music Conference in 2017. READ MORE

Christmas Traditions

Memories of the Christmas season are ones that persist for years. A few Sisters of Charity share their favorite holiday traditions as members of the Community. READ MORE

Villa Therese Catholic Clinic
Celebrates 80 Years

S. Patmarie Bernard (left) and Santa Fe Archbishop John Wester
acted as co-chairs of the Villa Therese Catholic Clinic’s 80th
anniversary celebration in Santa Fe, New Mexico

This past October, Villa Therese Catholic Clinic (VTCC) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, celebrated its 80th year of operation, with Sister of Charity Patmarie Bernard co-chairing the event with Santa Fe Archbishop John Wester. READ MORE

Years of Remembrance:
The Spanish Influenza

On the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Influenza, we remember and acknowledge the Sisters of Charity whose role in history was important for the care they gave and courage they embodied during such a critical time. READ MORE

Nuns Build a Success
Nuns Build 2017 offered Cincinnati SCs an opportunity to join with the St. Bernard Project’s efforts to make a difference for residents in East New Orleans who suffered extreme home damage from the February tornado. The senior citizen whose home they worked in, along with AmeriCorps volunteers and other SC Federation Sisters, also lost his home to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Federation group joined with more than 45 other women religious for the 10th annual Nuns Build. The accompanying video shares various aspects of the experience. May the smiles on the faces serve as a witness to the joy present among all. A more detailed article will follow next week.

SC Connections to Father Solanus Casey:
Living Sisters’ memories
As the Sisters of Charity anticipate the beatification of Father Solanus Casey this week, we enjoy the memories of a few of our Sisters living and ministering in Michigan during Father Solanus’ years of service. READ MORE

9 Things to Be Grateful For
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on God’s blessings and offer thanks to our Creator. The following article is a collection of Sisters’ and SC employees’ thoughts on what they are most thankful for during this season of blessings. READ MORE

9 Scripture Passages Expressing Thankfulness
As Thanksgiving approaches, we continue to celebrate and express gratitude for God’s blessings. Read our collection of 9 Scripture passages that center on the expression of thankfulness, and offer a deeper reflection of what it means to thank God for our many blessings. READ MORE

9 Prayers of Thanksgiving
This month of thanksgiving is an opportunity for reflection and celebration of the blessings God has provided for each of us, and as the month progresses toward Thanksgiving on Nov. 23, 2017, there are a variety of ways in which we can express our gratitude for God’s blessings, prayer being one of them. READ MORE

SC Connections to Father Solanus Casey: S. Ursula Fabian
The Sisters of Charity Community is joyfully anticipating the beatification of Father Solanus Casey (1870-1957) in November. Throughout November we are featuring articles related to the Sisters of Charity who knew Father Solanus, and who were amongst the individuals on the receiving end of his many healings and favors. READ MORE

SC Connections to Father Solanus Casey: S. Mary Cecilia Eagen
The Sisters of Charity Community is joyfully anticipating the beatification of Father Solanus Casey (1870-1957) in November. In the next weeks we will feature articles related to the Sisters of Charity who knew Father Solanus, and were amongst the individuals on the receiving end of his many healings and favors. READ MORE.

A Deeper Dimension of Faith: Walking El Camino
In September, S. Donna Steffen and friend, Monica Clark, joined the queue of pilgrims traversing the countryside of Spain via el Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James). READ MORE

Caring For All: An Interview
with Debbie Weber, Director of the Office of Peace, Justice, and Care for Creation
In celebration of the Season of Creation, we interview Debbie Webber, director of the Sisters of Charity Office of Peace, Justice, and Care for Creation. Learn more about Debbie’s role within OPJCC, as well as the impact her office has on the community and the ways in which the actions of one person can affect many. READ MORE

They’ve Got Heart and Solar Panels
Mount St. Joseph University senior and SC Communications co-op Megan Simmermeyer takes a look at a few of the environmental initiatives of the university’s founders that are contributing to a brighter, greener future for everyone. READ MORE

Bringing S. Blandina’s Story to Life
Actress Alma Sisneros discusses her latest role as S. Blandina Segale. READ MORE

More Statues on the Motherhouse Grounds
Earlier this summer, we looked at nine places to visit on the SC Motherhouse grounds, among them several statues. Because there is a great number of other fascinating statues around the campus’ peaceful 75 acres, here are nine more statues of note on the Motherhouse grounds. READ MORE

Still Home
Communications intern Carolyn Kesterman (pictured on right with Barb Letts) visits the campus of SC sponsored ministry DePaul Cristo Rey High School, the former home of Concordia Lutheran Church and School, where Carolyn and her family have many fond memories. READ MORE

Bringing Compassionate Care to Haiti
Sister of Charity Pat Hayden and a team of volunteers recently took part in a medical mission trip to Haiti. READ MORE

Learning Together
During a five-month history class for novices, long-time Sisters of Charity S. Mary Barbara Philippart and S. Janice Ernst joined novice Romina Sapinoso to refresh and deepen their knowledge of the Community’s rich heritage. READ MORE

9 Works of Art by S. Augusta Zimmer at the Motherhouse
One of the SCs most prolific and praised artists, S. August Zimmer’s treasured artwork can be found throughout the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse. READ MORE

Providing transportation to ministries, a reminder of the past, and a place to come home to, the Ohio River has long held an important and beloved place in the SC Community’s history.” READ MORE

9 Places to Visit on the Motherhouse Grounds
The Motherhouse grounds are rich in beauty and history. Join us on a virtual tour as we explore nine such places and learn their stories. READ MORE

Ready To Serve
On Memorial Day, the memories of those who died serving our country are recalled by all in the Sisters of Charity Community, but especially by those who served beside them. One such Sister is S. Francis Clare Pavioni, who served with the WAVES in World War II. READ MORE

Looking To Our Future
Learn more about S. Annie Klapheke from members of her SC small group in the following Intercom article. READ MORE

Removing Barriers
Associate Mary Ellen Williams is one of a handful of Charity Family volunteers giving their time to the mission of Education Matters. READ MORE

Who Shall Find a Valiant Woman?
S. Loretto Burke is the Community’s only living orchestral composer. To learn more about S. Loretto’s life, ministry and passions in the following article from the Sisters of Charity’s Intercom magazine, CLICK HERE.

Bringing Joy
Dr. Claver Pashi teaches at the National Pedagogy University in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to train future DRC leaders to be good stewards of the people when they are in a position of authority. The SCs have sponsored Dr. Pashi’s efforts in the DRC for several years. READ MORE

The Scrapbooks of Mother Margaret George
Mother Margaret George, the founding mother of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, placed great value on preserving history. She kept chronicles and journals, priceless records documenting the early history of the Sisters of Charity. Our Archives holds three “scrapbooks” Mother Margaret compiled between the early 1840s and her death in 1868. READ MORE

Looking Toward the Future with Cuba
Upon the death of Fidel Castro this week at age 90 we are reminded of a feature article in the spring issue of Intercom 2015. It was then that President Barack Obama began opening relations with Cuba. To read excerpts from the Intercom feature, click here.

A Bond Between All
"Being at the Motherhouse seemed to be a coming home ..." Carol Dreyer Yeazell (pictured, left) is one of the more than 20 women who met as postulants 50 years ago and reunited in August 2016 for the golden jubilee celebration of Sisters Barbara Hagedorn (pictured, right), Mary Alice Haithcoat, Georgia Kitt and Patricia Wittberg. CLICK HERE

Moving On
Sisters Barb Davis (left) and Karen Elliott, Associate, reflect on their recent move from their friends and co-ministers in the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, to their new home in Xenia. READ MORE 

The Face of God's Mercy at Santo Niño
S. Janet Gildea discusses how her relationships have allowed her to see and experience God’s mercy at work. READ MORE

Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy
Pope Francis has declared Dec. 8, 2015 through Nov. 20, 2016 the Holy Year of Mercy to highlight the Catholic Church’s mission to be a witness of mercy to the world. The dedication of a jubilee year provided the community with a time to come back into right relationship with one another and with God. As the practice of the jubilee year was adopted into the Catholic Church, the themes of mercy, forgiveness and solidarity continued. READ MORE

Supporting Others
S. Sarah Mulligan and the Daniel Comboni Community Clinic in Mixco, Guatemala, are helping the Oblate Sisters of the Holy Redeemer as they minister to women as prostitutes in Guatemala’s red-light district. READ MORE

Something Beautiful for God
The excitement of Mother Teresa’s canonization on Sept. 4, 2016 prompted a few Sisters of Charity to take a look back at their experiences with the Church’s newest saint. READ MORE

S. Jean Patrice Harrington
S. Jean Patrice Harrington spent one decade building her alma mater – the College of Mount St. Joseph – into the university it is today. READ MORE

S. Adele Clifford's Legacy of Mercy
The great humbleness of S. Adele Clifford was well-known; it tempered beautifully her many achievements as professor and president of Mount St. Joseph University. READ MORE

S. Maria Corona Molloy
Beloved by the Mount St. Joseph University community, S. Maria Corona Molloy was the school’s first official president. Sister’s sense of charity and mercy extended well beyond her students to those outside the college. READ MORE

S. Mary Agnes McCann
S. Mary Agnes McCann left her legacy as an historian of the SC Congregation. In examining her life, one can see the spirit of mercy and compassion contained not only within the pages of her writings, but also without in her teaching ministry. READ MORE

Being the Face of Jesus
S. Marcel DeJonckheere volunteers with End Slavery Cincinnati, delivering gift bags to trafficked women. READ MORE

9 Treasures of the McCann Room
Used today as a permanent display room for the Sisters of Charity Archives department, the Motherhouse’s McCann Room has become a place to exhibit some of the wonderful treasures former archivist S. Mary Agnes McCann had worked to save over the years. READ MORE

9 Treasures of the Repository
A walk around the rooms of the Sisters of Charity Repository meets you with countless surprising treasures. READ MORE

Overflowing Love
From its very beginnings, St. Rita School for the Deaf was built to provide an atmosphere of learning and growth  for the deaf in the Diocese of Cincinnati. It was the dedication and love of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and the Pious Union Sisters that first enabled the school to expand and touch lives. READ MORE (Posted July 2016)

Unlocking the Secrets of Regina Hall
Located on the Motherhouse property stands a gray limestone building with a cottage-like design. Known as Regina Hall, the building has a history as eclectic and intriguing as the people who have spent time there. READ MORE

Avian Visitors to Motherhouse Sustained through Donation
The Clifford Bird Observatory in the Motherhouse courtyard thrives from the generosity of Wild Birds Unlimited. READ MORE

Unlocking the Secrets of Regina Hall
Located on the Motherhouse property stands a gray limestone building with a cottage-like design. Known as Regina Hall, the building has a history as eclectic and intriguing as the people who have spent time there. READ MORE

John Bender and the Sisters of Charity
The property where the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse is located can be traced back to John Bender and his family. Today, the Bender legacy is still kept alive through S. Annette Frey, the great granddaughter of John Bender. READ MORE

Associate Debbie Weber Honored
Congratulations to Associate and Director of the Sisters of Charity Office of Peace, Justice and Care for Creation, Debbie Weber (center), who was honored April 27 as one of the recipients of Mount St. Joseph University’s Future Five Award. Recipients of the award are recognized for excelling in their professions and serving their communities post-graduation. READ MORE

A Legacy of Mercy
The late S. Helen Miriam Gunn’s legacy as director of the Reading Lab at the College of Mount St. Joseph continues on through her former student. READ MORE

Standing with the People
Sisters Nancy Crofton, Lois Jean Goettke, Louise Lears and Associate Patrice Harty were part of a delegation of 117 that traveled to El Salvador in December 2015 to remember the 35th anniversary of the El Salvador martyrs. READ MORE

Reflections on Religious Life
During National Catholic Sisters Week, each day we asked Sisters in different stages of their SC community life to consider the following question: How do you see religious life reflecting the goodness and compassion of God into the future? Each response will give us a glimpse into their understanding of Community life.

The Heartbeat of the SC Motherhouse (posted February 2016)
Once a month the Sisters of Charity Drum Circle meets to rejoice in an afternoon of music and prayer through the playing of drums! READ MORE

A Global Presence of Benevolence: SCs in China
People the world over will celebrate the Year of the Monkey on Feb. 8, a celebration which has been observed annually at the Motherhouse. The festivities serve as a reminder of the years of service the Sisters of Charity devoted to China, and, in general, of the global presence of benevolence they have managed to establish throughout their history. READ MORE

The Year of Consecrated Life
Pope Francis has declared Nov. 30, 2014, through Feb. 2, 2016, the Year of Consecrated Life. The purpose of the yearlong celebration, according to a Vatican statement, is to “make a grateful remembrance of the recent past” while embracing “the future with hope.” READ MORE

Celebrating 150 Years in the West (posted November 2015)
On Aug. 21, 1865, four Sisters of Charity headed West to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to open St. Vincent’s, the first hospital in the New Mexico Territory. Their journey took 25 days, and was met with many hardships and obstacles. But their determination and faith delivered them safely to their destination. Other Sisters soon followed as the work. One-hundred fifty years later the Community celebrates the many the institutions and individuals served by our Sisters in the West, and we are grateful for those
who first dared to risk a caring response. READ MORE

Life's Mysteries: Remembering Operation Babylift
(Fall 2015 Intercom)
S. Kateri Maureen Koverman ministered in Vietnam during the fall of 1973. As director of the Adoption Program for Catholic Relief Services, S. Kateri coordinated eight babylifts out of Saigon in 1975. She saw the safe passage of 350 Vietnamese babies. READ MORE

Waking Up the World at EarchConnection
(posted September 2015) Sisters Winnie Brubach and Caroljean Willie discuss the Days of Mission and Service held at EarthConnection in June. READ MORE

First Green Burial Takes Place at Motherhouse Cemetery
(posted August 2014) The Sisters of Charity long-standing commitment to preserving and protecting the Earth can now continue even after a Sister’s death. On Tuesday, July 22, S. Mary Pat Wagner was the first Sister of Charity of Cincinnati to have a green burial. READ MORE

How Does One Become a Saint?
(posted August 2014) As we await the next step in the canonization process of S. Blandina Segale, Servant of God, Communications summer intern Megan Moore takes a look at what’s next in Sister’s journey toward sainthood. READ MORE

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The following magazines were produced in 2011-2013. Intercom, the quarterly magazine of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, is available for purchase. To learn more about a subscription to the publication, contact Erin Reder at erin.reder@srcharitycinti.org or (513) 347-5447.

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Food for the Soul

The Sisters of Charity Art Collection contains some beautiful reproductions of Renaissance masters’ oil paintings. Some of these paintings are hung in locations not frequented by many. In an effort to make this art more assessable, the Communications Office and the Archives began a program in September of displaying one of these paintings in the Motherhouse Dining Room. Accompanying the painting is an account of how it came to be in the art collection, a brief history of the painting, and of the artist and his style.
The Motherhouse Organ (August 2014)
Joseph Sibbel (July 2014)
Clement John Barnhorn (June 2014)
William Lamprecht (May 2014)
Johann Schmitt (April 2014)
Frank Duveneck (March 2014)
Elizabeth Nourse (February 2014)
S. Ernestine Foskey (January 2014)
S. Anna Maria Ahl (December 2013)
Artist John Nartker (July and August 2013)
“Virgin and the Child with Catherine of Alexandria" by Jan van Eyck (May 2013)
"Madonna of the Goldfinch" by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (April 2013)
"Mater Dolorosa" by Barbieri (March 2013)
"Mater Dolorosa" by Carlo Dolci (February 2013)
"Madonna della Seggiola" by Raphael Sanzio (January 2013)
"The Granduca Madonna" by Raphael Sanzio (December 2012)
"Madonna With the Child Reading" by Jan van Eyck (November 2012)
"Madonna of the Rosary with St. Dominic and St. Catherine" by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato (October 2012)
"The Sistine Madonna" by Raphael Sanzio (September 2012)