Efforts to Raise Consciousness of Legislators

Sisters Andrea Koverman, Jean Miller and Tracy Kemme along with Associate Deb-Rose Milavec were led away in flex cuffs in a planned act of disobedience on Tues., Feb. 27, 2018.  According to the Religious News Service (RNS) and the Catholic News Agency (CAN) dozens of Sisters, priests and lay people were arrested in the US Capital Rotunda as part of a Catholic-led effort of 200 persons to persuade lawmakers to protect undocumented immigrants, Dreamers, who were brought to this country as children. It was organized as part of the Catholic Day of Action with Dreamers planned by Catholic social advocacy groups. S. Tracy was quoted as saying that she considered her actions to be worthwhile to help protect the immigrant community. She stated, “It’s a moral moment of truth and it’s worth it to us to try to raise the consciousness of our legislators. As a Catholic, my end goal would be comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together.”

A total of 40 people were arrested and charged with ‘crowding, obstructing, or incommoding’. Before their arrest the Catholics filed past the Supreme Court as they sang hymns, prayed the rosary and held signs with imprints of  Our Lady of Guadalupe  and ‘Catholics Stand with Dreamers’. Those arrested were freed after 40 minutes. On Monday the U.S. Conference of Bishops sponsored a ‘call in day’ that encouraged parishioners across the country to contact members of Congress, asking them to show leadership in finding a just and human solution for Dreamers.