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Charity Family News
April 8, 2018

We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe

At this time 10 years ago the SC Congregation was in the throes of living the mystery of life and death, experiencing the deaths of 13 members of the Family of Charity. READ MORE

Share the Journey

Donated food and personal care supplies during the Sisters of Charity Lenten Collection for our Migrant Neighbors were delivered to Catholic Charities this week! The SC Office of Peace, Justice and Care for Creation partnered with Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio to provide food assistance to fit our migrant neighbors dietary needs. Pictured are (from left) Scott Stephens - Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio, Debbie Weber – OPJCC director, Laila Aladimi - Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio, and Shanyce Matthews – Mt. St. Joseph University student. Thank you to all our supporters for your compassion and generosity.

9 Items from the S. Blandina Segale Parlor

On the second floor of the Motherhouse resides a small parlor dedicated to Servant of God S. Blandina Segale. These 9 items from the S. Blandina Segale Parlor chronicle her legacy. READ MORE

An Unexpected Ministry

From hives to honey production, Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Helen Therese Scasny found an unlikely ministry in beekeeping five years ago, and says she continues to learn from these “guardians of the environment” every day. READ MORE

Sacred Encounters

Throughout our life experiences, God’s divine fingerprint is clearly impressed in the everyday shaping of our heart and soul. The following reflection is a springboard to your own stories – hopefully, assisting you to uncover the sacred encounters hidden in the midst of your everyday circumstances. READ MORE

Future of Charity Weekend Gathering

Future of Charity weekend

This weekend a group of Future of Charity members met at Lake Lorelei (near Cincinnati) to spend time in prayer, companionship and recreation, and to remember S. Marie Flowers, who joined the saints in heaven almost six months ago. The Future of Charity is made up of younger, newer members from religious congregations of the Sisters of Charity Federation.

9 Windows in
Mother Margaret Hall Chapel

The Holy Spirit Chapel in Mother Margaret Hall nursing facility features a collection of beautiful stained glass windows designed and executed by Emil Frei. READ MORE

The Feast of the Annunciation – April 9

Mary trusted in the word that God’s messenger announced to her and she became the model and mother of all believers. We pray: Mary, increase our response to God’s faithfulness. Keep us attuned to this promise of faithful love as we make it known throughout the Earth. Amen.

April 1, 2018

Easter Reflection

Easter is a season, and so, we take time to share part of Pope Francis’ Easter message. The pope stressed the need for entering into a relationship, kinship, fraternity, sister/brotherhood in Jesus’ message to us, his followers. Pope Francis stated, “Jesus told his followers they would know they were his disciples from their love for one another.  We are called to take care of the common good, our sisters and brothers, especially the weakest and most marginalized.  Only fraternity can guarantee lasting peace, defeat poverty, extinguish tensions and wars and can eradicate corruption and crime. There cannot  be a true communion and commitment to the common good and social justice without fraternity and sharing.” We ask ourselves: How/when have I committed to the common good? When did I last share my time with a sister? Choose a new relationship.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, April 4, marks 50 years since civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in Memphis, Tennessee. It was the time when he was laying out his vision of “The Beloved Community.” He was resurrecting his dream of a community that values the humanity of everyone, a place where love and trust will triumph over hatred and fear. Looking back we can see the impact the civil rights movement had on so many other areas – women’s rights, labor rights and immigrant rights. It is lesser known that King himself saw immigrants and foreigners as enhancers of American life; he welcomed all.

Tending Your Soul

God works in mysterious ways. Each one of us lives and witnesses to “God’s voice” in our lives minute by minute. In this “Tending Your Soul” video Paulette shares how she accessed her light within to guide her in a difficult relationship.

S. Sally Duffy Honored

S. Sally Duffy Honored

Congratulations to S. Sally Duffy, who was honored at the Neighborhood Summit in March with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given to an individual, inside or outside of a community organization, whose life and work has benefited all of Cincinnati, through creating inclusiveness, increasing the viability of community activities and organizations, and supporting neighborhoods and neighborhood leaders. S. Sally has been making a difference through volunteering and activism in Cincinnati for decades.