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Seton Enablement Fund
Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects does the Fund assist?

  • Low-income housing development
  • Community development efforts such as co-ops and land trusts.
  • Business ventures that directly benefit low-income communities
  • Employment opportunities developed for worker-owned or minority enterprises
  • Funds developed to assist in countries outside the United State
  • Savings and loans, banks and credit unions

Who can qualify?

Loans are made to not for profit organizations, financial institutions and for-profit organizations that benefit the poor and underserved. Loans are not made to individuals. These criteria are considered in reviewing applications:

  • Are low-income persons represented in management and board-level positions?
  • Will the poor and/or underserved benefit?
  • Are the economically disadvantaged empowered to develop themselves and their communities?
  • Are just management practices in place?
  • Is conventional or other financing unavailable?
  • Is there adequate financial stability and business planning?

What are the terms of Fund loans?

The maximum loan is $150,000. The average loan is $100,000. Monies are loaned at a low interest rate for a maximum of five years. Our rates of interest are always significantly lower than market rates. All monies are available as loans - not grants.