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Looking Back

The SC Archives holds many treasures, including video footage from a Christmas celebration at St. Joseph Infant and Maternity Home (now St. Joseph Home of Cincinnati) in the late 1960s. Included among the many Sisters of Charity ministering there at the time were Sisters Rose Eileen McGinnis and Teresa Mary Chiou.

Water With Blessings in Haiti

S. Andrea Koverman and Director of OPJCC and Associate Debbie Weber spent the first week of Advent in Zabriko, Haiti. As a SC Federation collaboration, the two along with Steve Schmitt, an Associate of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky, delivered water filtration kits to the women of Zabriko and trained them to be “Water Women,” women who commit to the kind act of sharing clean water with three other families in their communities. By equipping the Water Women of Zabriko with a simple, in-home filtration system and teaching them clean water habits, they were able to provide them with the means to protect not only their family but also their neighbors from deadly water. During their time in Haiti, the three trained 41 Water Women (between them, they have 179 children). These women will share their filtration system with three other families!

Daring to Risk

In 2007, Sisters Dee Sizler (left) and Annina Morgan (right) along
with S. Mary Beth Peters and Associate Linda Fry visited Juneau
and the five SC Associates living there.

Since 2010, S. Delia Sizler has lived and ministered in Juneau, Alaska, enjoying the vast beauty and the many individuals she has met along the way. To learn more about S. Dee…


"Blessed Lord, keep us in your company, and force our coward hearts when they are unwilling to go on."
-EAS to Cecilia Seton, 1807

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Blandina Segale
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Novice Tracy Kemme shares her spiritual and vocational journey to becoming a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati.

Living the Gospel with Joy

The Joy of the Gospel sings in this photo of S. Sally Duffy with Pope Francis. S. Sally made a pilgrimage to Rome the first week of November with members of FADICA, Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities. The theme of the week was “Going Out: Living the Gospel with Joy,” during which members had the opportunity to dialogue with Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the secretariat for the economy, and with Monsignor Peter Brian Wells, assessor for general affairs of the secretariat of state. In addition they took part in a spiritual retreat, heard from the CEO of the Global Freedom Network, an interfaith effort to address human trafficking, listened to a panel on sharing the Joy of the Gospel, and met with Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, which is central to Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. next September. S. Sally currently serves as the chair of the board of FADICA.

Q&A With
Father John Amankwah

Father John Amankwah made his commitment as an Associate in Mission on Sunday, Nov. 16 in the Motherhouse chapel. Learn more about one of our newest Associates in the following question and answer …

Ministry in Motion

S. Judith Metz is one of nine members of the Sisters of Charity Archives. Together they preserve and care for the Community’s historical and archival treasures.

December E-VŌc
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E-Vōc is the monthly electronic newsletter of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Vocations Team.
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November Mission Electronic
Newsletter Available

Mission is the quarterly electronic newsletter dedicated to promoting the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. To view ...

Associate Spotlight

(From left) Associate Vicki Welsh and S. Ruth Kuhn

Vicki Welsh (left) made her commitment as an Associate in Mission in 2003. To learn more about this Cincinnati Associate and her relationship with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati ...

Celebrating the
Year of Consecrated Life

Year of Consecrated Life

Pope Francis has declared Nov. 30, 2014, through Feb. 2, 2016, the Year of Consecrated Life. The purpose of the yearlong celebration, according to a Vatican statement, is to “make a grateful remembrance of the recent past” while embracing “the future with hope.”

Pope Francis has asked the Church’s religious sisters, brothers and priests to “wake up the world” with their testimony of faith, holiness and hope. We, Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, with the Archdiocese and Church plan to devote this year to the renewal of religious life, the celebration of the witness of members of religious orders and to inviting young people to consider a religious vocation. And, we ask others to join us as we Wake Up The World! To learn more about the Year of Consecrated Life …

Food for the Soul

The Sisters of Charity Art Collection contains many beautiful reproductions of masters’ artwork. Some of these paintings are hung in locations not frequented by many. In an effort to make this art more assessable, the Communications Office and the Archives began displaying one of these paintings in the Motherhouse Dining Room each month. Accompanying the art is an account of how it came to be in the art collection, a brief history of the art, and of the artist and his style. November's featured artwork is a statue of the Miraculous Mother. Click here to read more ...

Books Available to Purchase

Santa Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton is a 4-page brochure written in Spanish, with Mother Seton's life and litany prayer to her. Price: $.50 for 1 copy, $.40 a piece for 6-10 copies, $.30 a piece for 11 or more copies. Free shipping. Order from Regina Bechtle, SC by calling 718-879-5271 or emailing rbechtle@scny.org. To view publications available for purchase ...

At the End of the Santa Fe Trail recounts the lively experiences of Sister Blandina Segale on her missions in Colorado and New Mexico from 1872 to 1892. To view an informational flyer ...

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