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Pause to Say Thank You

On this Thanksgiving let us – rich and poor alike –
remember we are called to serve one another and walk
together on God’s earth. May we offer our grateful hearts
as a way to pursue peace and justice for all.
Let’s make it a true THANKS GIVING.

Associates Host Sisters

The annual Fall Gathering around the soup bowls took place on Sunday, Nov. 22.  It provides another opportunity for Sisters and Associates to interact, pray and break bread while sharing tasty soup creations. The event is hosted by SC Associates in Regina Hall.

Sisters Gather in
New Orleans for Nuns Build

SC Federation Sisters with Pam and family at Nuns Build Big EZ dinner

Catholic Sisters from across the country gathered in New Orleans, La., Nov. 15-20 to participate in the St. Bernard Project’s Nuns Build to rebuild the homes and lives of Hurricane Katrina survivors. Five Sisters of Charity from the SC Federation spent the five days mudding and sanding, priming and painting with the help of site supervisors. The group stayed at the SC Federation’s House of Charity where they enjoyed community and prayer together.

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"All nature speaks to us of heaven -
The delight of the morning -
A flower of
the field
- St. Elizabeth Seton

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Blandina Segale
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Novice Tracy Kemme shares her spiritual and vocational journey to becoming a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati.

Future of Charity Federation Blog

SOA Prayer Service

A group of Sisters gathered on Sunday, Nov. 22 for a prayer vigil to remember all who have died at the hands of soldiers trained at the School of the Americas (SOA) in Fort Benning, Ga. For years Sisters of Charity have gathered with thousands of other individuals and organizations at the gate of Fort Benning to express our concern. According to the Center for International Policy, the SOA is notorious for its training of abusive military forces.

Associate Spotlight

(From left) Associate Vicki Welsh, S. Mary Loyola Mathia and Associate Rachel Edwards

Meet Florida Associate Rachel Edwards (right). She made her commitment as an Associate in Mission in 2008. To read more about Rachel and her connection with the SC Community …

Celebrating Mother Margaret George

Artwork by Augusta Zimmer, SC

It was in November of 1868 that the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati founding Mother, Margaret George died 147 years ago. She celebrated her golden Jubilee in 1862 and was on mission at the orphanage, overseeing 300 children, when she suffered a stroke, which eventually led to her death. Who was this woman of Charity? She was born in Ireland in 1787 and was a member of Elizabeth Seton’s first vow group and the original novitiate. She served as Mother of the Congregation for two, three year terms. She served on missions in Richmond, Boston, New York and was looked to for her financial expertise, serving as treasurer for the Congregation as well. It was in 1852, as a member of the Council, that Margaret and other members of the community chose to remain true to the vision of Elizabeth Seton, desiring to respond to the needs of the American Church. They therefore chose to remain an American community and not join with the Daughters of Charity with headquarters in France. To learn about Margaret George ...

Prayer for Peace

Healing God,
We step out from the routine
and the daily today
as we bring the hurts and
woundedness of France,
Lebanon, Syria and so much
of the world to You.
Stretch out the hand of Your
Grace and bring our
world to greater wholeness. 
We draw on Your
goodness and power,
Ever Present One. 

November E-VŌc
Now Available

E-Vōc is the monthly electronic newsletter of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Vocations Team.
To view ..

October Mission Electronic
Newsletter Available

Mission is the quarterly electronic newsletter dedicated to promoting the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. To view ...

SC Congregational Stand
Against Human Trafficking

In October 2015, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati voted to take a public stand to support the abolition of human trafficking. SC Associates overwhelmingly supported the decision. The Congregational Stand reads: As a Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, we believe that the practice of human trafficking should be abolished in law and practice. The Associates in Mission of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati strongly support this stand to abolish human trafficking in law and in practice. To view the press release…

Celebrating 150 Years in the West
Day 25 of the 25-Day Journey

On Aug. 21, 1865, four Sisters of Charity headed West to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to open St. Vincent’s, the first hospital in the New Mexico Territory. Their journey took 25 days, and was met with many hardships and obstacles. But their determination and faith delivered them safely to their destination. Other Sisters soon followed as the work. One-hundred fifty years later the Community celebrates the many the institutions and individuals served by our Sisters in the West, and we are grateful for those who first dared to risk a caring response. To read an excerpt from S. Catherine Mallon’s Journal ...

Motherhouse A to Z

The Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse – home to the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati since the late 1800s – is considered a landmark in western Cincinnati. From the exquisite Art Room to the intricate design of the Immaculate Conception Chapel, each of the building’s rooms or features has a rich history to tell. To learn more about the Motherhouse and its many gems visit our A to Z guide …

Books Available to Purchase

Santa Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton is a 4-page brochure written in Spanish, with Mother Seton's life and litany prayer to her. Price: $.50 for 1 copy, $.40 a piece for 6-10 copies, $.30 a piece for 11 or more copies. Free shipping. Order from Regina Bechtle, SC by calling 718-879-5271 or emailing rbechtle@scny.org. To view publications available for purchase ...

At the End of the Santa Fe Trail recounts the lively experiences of Sister Blandina Segale on her missions in Colorado and New Mexico from 1872 to 1892. To view an informational flyer ...

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